Light up and clean our world

Durable | Beautiful | Ecological | Better air quality

The ecoTop series are an innovative and environmentally friendly self-locking paver that cleans itself and the air around it and the atmosphere, representing an efficient way to fight pollution.

The combined action of light and the active ingredient TX Active® contained in the pavement decomposes the pollutants produced by factories, traffic, domestic heating etc. returning better air quality.

The TX Active photocatalytic substance is applied in the top surface layer only, accelerating the oxidation process of pollutants and their transformation into substances and minerals that are non-toxic to humans and not harmful to the environment.

ecoTop pavers contribute to improving the quality of life in urban centers.

Paving an area of 1,000 square metres with ecoTop pavers, is equivalent to:

tree image

Planting 80 deciduous trees

leaves image

Reducing pollution 10 times more than 1,000 square metres of leaves.


  • Excellent solar reflectance index (SRI) that reduces sun ray absorption while keeping surfaces fresher
  • Permeable circumference
  • Very smooth and closed texture, better than a natural stone since it doesn’t absorb moisture, anti-slip and cleans the air through photocatalysis
  • Hydro-repellent through the “Idrocare” system maintaining colours, preventing moss or lichens to arise, having a better freeze-thaw resistance

ecoTop pavers that clean the air and reduce pollutants:


Size and colour range:

size and colour chart